Saturday, January 14, 2012

X OUT review +before&after pictures

X OUT is a one-step acne kit that I received in my Holidays Voxbox from Influenster.
I believe it is from the same company as Pro-activ and so I was pretty excited to try it out.
However, since I am already on Pro-activ, I decided to experiment X OUT on my little brother who is going through puberty and hence has a lot of pimples everywhere on his face.


Official product information:
X Out Wash-In Treatment

The unique, one-step X Out™ Wash-In Treatment is formulated to help kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, help banish existing pimples and help leave the skin feeling smooth and looking healthy.

X Out™ works to lift away the dirt and grime that can clog pores. The Wash-In Treatment also leaves behind powerful medicine to help keep pores clean. Learn more and purchase at X Out is sold as a 30-day supply and comes with a bonus Shine Control product to help you fight oil all day for $19.95.
Here is my official review!

Here is the product:

It is pretty easy to use. The pump is very controllable and a waste of product is not necessary. The consistency of the product is pretty frothy and thick.

Before pictures:

After pictures:

As you can probably see, after about three weeks of use, the product has had a positive effect on my brother's skin!

Final thoughts:
I think this is a product that will be very easy to use as it is a 1-step process. Awesome! :)

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